Wedding Dress – Things To Avoid

Published: 21st May 2012
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Although planning and preparing for a fabulous wedding, the sort that has everyone talking about for at least two generations, requires a lot of meticulous planning, the thought of not finding the perfect bridal dress is harder still and gets every bride-to-be shifting nervously in their places.
Do not rush
While it is a long standing truth that the early bird does catch the worm, the proverb does not quite apply to your wedding dress hunt. If your wedding is more than six months away we advise you to check the stores out for prospective options but refrain yourself from buying. As your wedding draws nearer, chances are that you soon might get bored of your dress and the thought of wearing it may not quite cheer you up as it might have cheered you six months back. Also, it is quite possible that you run into another breathtakingly beautiful dress which captures your heart so that you might end up having two dresses for D day.
Know yourself missy.
It is of utmost importance that you know your color, body type and also the kind of silhouette that would look flattering on you. Also avoid choosing dresses that would rather highlight your imperfection than your beauty. For example: if you think you are rather petite and sort of curvy, please stay clear of fishtail lehengas or double shaded sarees because a full skirted lehenga or a single shade saree would do you more justice.
A dress on sale is not always a bargain.
So you’ve spotted those words which literally shout in your face and you cannot help but marvel at your good luck. Maybe the others haven’t seen it yet. Maybe this is it. No it isn’t. Until you check the dress for all the possible flaws that it might have because the store might have put a not-so-in or defected piece out, beguiling customers like you.
Never trust the kind looking lady from the sales.
Believe it or not, she has grown those grays mastering the skill through the ages. She will look all convincing and sweet but can possibly help you make a wrong decision. One, that would make you cringe every time you flop open your wedding albums.
It should be a perfect fit.
Do not shy away from asking them for alteration. It is your wedding after all and you would not be doing this again. So, only the best shall do.

Is it that time of the month for you?
Avoid going dress shopping when you are in your unusually grumpy avatar because your menstrual cycle is playing tricks on you. Chances are that you would hate every single dress you try on and more than exhausting you physically, it would be an activity equally taxing even mentally.
Last but not the least, it is your wedding and you should enjoy this wonderful experience fully until it lasts. The whole fuss over the bridal dress although a bit intimidating and exhausting, is an experience that every journey to the altar is incomplete without. So, without much further ado, let’s shop sister! aims to simplify the wedding planning process by researching and mapping out the best possible vendors from their thirty one listed categories. You can be your own wedding planner with the help of our own complete information on Indian beauty parlour, cosmetic surgery , reception venues, skin clinic , bridal makeup , and dresses, bridal dresses, jewellery, caterers, or professional wedding planners. A number one portal for wedding planning, has more than five thousand four hundred listed vendors.

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