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Which Banquet Halls Can You Choose From? Tips To Choose The Best

27th June 2012
Hiring a banquet hall for your wedding is great news. You’re obviously thinking of hiring a banquet hall in the heart of town which would be accessible for all your guests. If you choose banquet halls that are part of hotels, you automatically get the hot... Read >

Facts About The Indian Wedding Decorations

15th June 2012
Art is everywhere there in life! You need to go for perfect wedding decorations for making the special day more authentic and auspicious. This not only impresses the invitees but also enhance the whole environment. In case of decorating the venue you shou... Read >

Wedding Dress – Things To Avoid

21st May 2012
Although planning and preparing for a fabulous wedding, the sort that has everyone talking about for at least two generations, requires a lot of meticulous planning, the thought of not finding the perfect bridal dress is harder still and gets every bride-... Read >